#TFWPLoveChallenge Day 15: Give Out Compliments 

We live in a world where tearing one another down is for too commonplace. We’re like crabs in a barrel. It’s hard for us to celebrate one another, because often times, we think that may take something from us. Somehow her beauty takes away from mine, somehow his vocal skills means I’m less talented.

It’s not true.

When someone gives us a compliment, because negativity and criticism is so common from others (and even ourselves), we tend to wonder if there is some other ulterior motif underneath of the compliment. Sometimes we don’t even know how to take it.

I love giving compliments to people. You can actually see their faces light up because not many people are open to giving them, or they may be having a horrible day, or they are caught off guard by positivity actually spreading.

It makes me feel good to help others feel good, beautiful, talented, important, etc.

So today, try it out. See how warm you feel from making someone else’s day.

Be genuine.

Be honest.

And you can keep it simple:

“I love your hair.”

“You have a beautiful smile.”

“Nice shoes.”

“Your spirit is so sweet.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re a hard worker. I admire that.”

“I admire your wisdom.”

“I see all that you’re doing, and trust me, it’s making  a difference.”

We Challenge you today to be less critical of others and show more love and support.


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