#TFWPLoveChallenge Day 13: Be mindful of what you feed yourself. 

Eat your vegetables.

Drink water.

Don’t eat fried foods today.

Read your Bible.

Opt for a salad.

Don’t smoke.

Stay away from the gossip and drama.

Stay away from inner circles that make you feel small, lesser than, unsupported, unimportant, and/Or like a secret.

Keep people around you who challenge and inspire you to lead the life God would want you to lead.

Turn off the lusty videos.

Read a book.

Stay away from the comments section.

Make the right choices for your spirit.

Say no to that sin.

Listen to some uplifting and inspiring music rooted in the truth.

Turn off “ratchet TV”. Try it, just for a day and see how your spirit, Soul  and mind start to thank you. While you only get one body, your mental health and spiritual health are important as well. Feed your body and spirit well and renew your mind.

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