#TFWPLoveChallenge Day 12 

#TFWPLoveChallenge Day 12:

You may have noticed that we didn’t post yesterday.
Social media can demand so much from us. It can demand our time, attention and energy… And most times it’s just information overload.

It’s a good idea to take a break sometimes and get your eyes away from the screen. What we take in on a daily basis matters and definitely affects your well being.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that social media won’t take its toll on you.

I know how angry and frustrated I get from looking at the comments section of a post. Or how I can be on instagram and look up and a half hour has gone by and I’ve don’t nothing productive. I fall for the comparison trap often in my daily scroll.
We’re constantly fed someone’s highlight reel of their lives. We don’t know every facet of it, but we often compare ourselves and end up feeling less than, or working hard to get likes and follows and all. You can start to believe that what gets likes and praise is what we should aim and strive for.
Don’t be run by Social Media. Don’t model yourself after someone who may be more popular than you. Don’t fall for the hype of the popularity contest.
A lot of likes and followers really means nothing. You can have good content and still be leading an empty life. People you follow are awesome, but guess what… You’re awesome too no matter the amount of followers, likes, reposts, “friends”, etc.! Take breaks as needed.

Social media is not real life, and life is not a competition.
#socialMedia #YouMatter #Love #Loved #JesusLovesYou #ILoveYou #LoveYourself #LoveOthers #LoveGod #TheLoveCampaign #TheFullWellProject #TheGiftOfPositivity #knttd #Inspiration #Jesus #KnowFullWell #TheLovedCampaign #DoNotCompare #NoCompetition #SelfLove #DontReadTheCommentsSection


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