#TFWPLoveChallenge Day 8: Psalm 139 

​#TFWPLoveChallenge Day 7:

Ever made anything by hand? It feels great, right?

When you put your blood, sweat and tears into something you feel a strong sense of pride for it. It’s an extension of you. You want to protect it. You love it. You want all of the world to see this beautiful thing that you hand crafted.

That’s how God feels about you.

God made you.

He handcrafted you in your mother’s womb.

YOU are a work of God.

He has made you a WONDERFUL thing.
There are more of these awesome truths found in His Word, but today challenge you to read Psalm 139 to learn more about you and who you are.

Our truths about ourselves should come from our Creator, himself. He alone knows ALL of worth and what we were created for. He’s the only one that can give us worth. We should love ourselves because God loves us. I know sometimes we can feel less than “wonderful”, but trust His Word, because even we get it wrong sometimes.

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