Phase 2 of #TFWPLoveChallenge: Love Self. 

​We are beginning our next phase of #TFWPLoveChallenge, and starting today we are going to focus on Loving Ourselves.

The Scripture says we are to love others as we love ourselves. But if we don’t have a gauge for loving ourselves we can end up misstepping by loving others.

We can make people and their opinions about us more important than what we, or even God thinks about us.

We can become so consumed with loving other people that we forget about ourselves.

We can fail to set boundaries with people, forget how to say “no” and become sick because of the stress to be “Good enough”.

We can forgo doing what’s right, because doing right is beneficial whether it’s eating well, obeying God’s commands, or resting.

We can even be misguided in the truth about us (what God says about us).

Journey with us as we focus on #SelfLove.

#Love #Loved #LoveYourself #JesusLovesYou #UnconditionalLove #StopSearching #Rest #LoveGod #LoveOthers #KnowFullWell #TheFullWellProject #TheGiftOfPositivity #knttd #Inspiration #Jesus #Christian


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