#TFWPLoveChallenge Day 3 : Remember to say “Thank You.”

Happy Friday!

Have you ever had a person in your life (family, friend, significant other, etc.)  who only took and never said or showed that they were grateful? It may start to feel like they’re just taking advantage of your kindness and only using you for what you have or what benefits you can offer them. 

How about that kid who is always snatching things out of your hands without using their manners and saying “Thank you.” Or that kid in class or coworker who took your idea and applied it as their own without giving you any credit or recognition? 

The Word tells us over and over again, through many examples, how God is the ultimate gift giver. It says all good things you come from Him.

We should always be filled with thankfulness to our God. We also need to be careful to remember that we do nothing in out own power to be great or have great things. Let’s not get cocky or confused. That good job, that salary, that good schooling, those beautiful and we’ll mannered children, that car, that peace, that family, those friends… They are all from God. 

This should show us just how much He actually cares about us. 

How about you take some time today to come up with five things you’re thankful for, today. If you can’t think of five, pick one. And you don’t have to go far to come up with some. Think of the things we take for granted. 

Today I am grateful for my eyelashes. They stop so many particles from getting in and irritating my eyes. I’m grateful for my taste buds… Because honestly, we really have no need at all for them. Not really. We could eat things that taste like chalk all day and still get our nutrients. But our God actually wanted us to enjoy things in life.  How sweet is that?! 

I’m thankful that God kept that in mind when he formed man. I’m amazed at how detail oriented He is when it comes to Everything. I’m grateful for a detail oriented God. 

We’re alive, you have your eyesight to see this post, you just took a breath, you have the ability to take in and process information, you can read, you can smile, you can blink, you have the power to choose. Why not choose thankfulness? 

What are things you are thankful for?  Share them with us using the hashtag #TFWPLoveChallenge. 


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