#TFWPLoveChallenge Day 2: Share Him with Others

​Have you ever been madly in love (or like) with someone and you tell all of the people important to you about them, only to find out that you are their little secret?

Yeah. It sucks.

I can imagine that is How God feels when we sit on Him and hold our tongues about this amazing God we serve.

Our God is way too great, too loving, too much for our mere words to not share. Our love for Him should bleed into every part of ourselves, almost making it difficult for people to not know about your love for God.

Don’t be ashamed to share your love and awe for God with others.

On the flip side : Imagine that your car is broken down with your friend and you’re struggling to figure out how you’re going to pay and set up to get your car towed. You’re crying and struggling and you’re broke, and you find out your friend had Triple A the entire time.

You’d be pissed.

You would at least want the option to accept it or refuse the help, right?

That’s what you can essentially be doing when you refuse to share your God and The Gospel of Jesus Christ with your loved ones…or just a random person you may never see again.

Don’t let them struggle when you have The Answer.


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