Love Truth No. 5

Has someone ever told you they loved you, but talked about your friends and family like  dogs? Have you ever had someone that professed their love for you (whether friend, family, or significant other) blatantly disrespect another loved one?

In most cases it tends to rub you the wrong way, right? Or even if you allow it to continue on for a little while, eventually you’ll become fed up with their talking about them or treating them badly.

I know in my experience, I begin to wonder if this person really loves me as much as they say they do if I have confessed my love for someone and they disrespect them. I tend to defend my friends and family. You cannot tell me you love me and then disrespect a part of me. It doesn’t work like that.

Guess what. There is no way that you can love God and not love people. His heart is for his people. How we treat people matters. We can’t praise God with the same mouth that we slander the name of His creation. We can’t say, “I love you Father,” and then go ahead in the next minute sabotage and bully someone. (James 3:9-10)

There is no honor, no respect and no glory in breaking someone. None. Not as the children of God. It’s amazing to me how easy it is for us to rip people apart, especially from behind a keyboard and still call ourselves lovers of Christ.

We must love others as we love ourselves, including the people we don’t like. Anything else, we are liars. We all need that reminder.







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