Love Truth No.2

​Many people think of the Bible as nothing but boring, tedious, impossible, and annoying rules to follow just to keep us in check and living in fear… And I guess if you’re looking at it from that perspective, I can understand the sentiment. Let’s be honest, who wants to hear anything going against what we want, desire and believe to be true? It sucks and it can offend.

Have you ever gotten advice from someone and you chose not to listen to it, then after deciding to do what you wanted to do, you regretted not taking their advice? That’s been me… So many times. I would read a scripture or commandment with an attitude of:

“This is silly…”

“… Why do I need to do this?!”

“God, you dunno what you’re talking about…”

“… If you only knew… You wouldn’t be saying this…”

“…yeah I know what you said, but imma do it my way anyway…”

Ans all the while I’m missing the point. He gave me those commands, not as some sort of dictator God, but because he loves me. “Alecia, don’t touch that stove because you’ll be burned.”

“… No, God. I think I got this under control. I know what I’m doing… ” and what happens? I get burned.

I know it’s hard to see God’s commandments or rules as loving, especially when we live in a time where everything is permissible,where everyone is entitled to do and believe what they want, and as long as it makes you happy, it’s all good. But I challenge you to think of God’s love when he wrote “The Ways to NOT set yourself up.”

God is not sitting and getting joy out of bossing you around and punishing you. That’s not who He is. That is not His character. He actually LOVES and cares for you more than you know, and would rather you not be led down a dark path because you can’t see His goodness. He can see it all. Why not trust Him?

(By the way, He knows we can’t do it by ourselves. He sent His son to take the punishments that we deserve, because NONE of us are going to get it all right. Not one.)

He is so patient that He will watch us fall over and over again and still pick us up, dust us off, and help us to try again.

He knows it all. He knows we are flawed. He loves us. Try trusting Him. He knows what He’s talking about.



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