Masterpiece Reminder

Masterpiece: a work done with extraordinary skill; especially: a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement.

We are God’s art work; God’s mobile, fruitful, colorful artwork. Whether we laugh out loud, or chuckle behind thinly parted lips… whether we have hair that is long and flowing, or hair that coils and is knotted… whether we have two dimples, one dimples, or dimples in our thighs—we are beautiful. Each one of us is made—specially crafted by bare hands by the most skilled and beautiful being that ever existed.

Before time was even created, He bubbled over with joy at the very thought of you. The thought of you brings his heart to overflow. You cannot fathom just how valuable you are. You are priceless. You are not meant to hide that beauty behind layers of fears and insecurities…

Don’t you know that have not one flaw? Every square inch of you is blessed—made with passion and purpose. Yes, even the very parts that you find hideous are perfected. The blemishes are nothing but beauty marks. You’ve only been programmed to believe that something is wrong with you.

You bear the image of a perfect, beautiful, loving God. It breaks His heart to know that we see cracked and distorted images of what He already said were perfect. He does everything in excellence. Your crooked teeth make Him smile. Your hearty laugh warms His heart.

Walk in your beauty—own it. Your confidence makes Him proud and it inspires others like me to embrace this beautiful gift of a body that my Father tailor made for each one of us.

Don’t you dare listen to the mirror’s lie.

He makes no mistakes.

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful on purpose.



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