So Your Friend Is Battling Depression: What to and What NOT to say and do.

The Sun Is On My Shoulders

As a person who struggles with depression, I hear and see a lot of things from people who may be thinking they’re helping, but in reality they may not be. And hey! Maybe they don’t know. A person can have nothing but good intentions to help someone or be “supportive”, but actions and words from friends can actually be making things worse. This advice is not clinically backed and I cannot speak for every person dealing with depression. Depression is not a “one size fits all” illness. But I will share what I have noticed from my own personal experiences dealing with depression and interacting with those who deal with it as well.

  1. Remember: Everyone is different.

    You saying, “I know someone who was depressed” is not an opportunity for you to assume that you know everything about that person and what they’re going through. As mentioned earlier, everyone’s experience with depression…

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