We Celebrate Women with Alecia Harrison

What does it mean to be a woman?

To be a woman, to me, means to be a super hero. We have this innate sense of things that we can’t put our fingers on, but we’re always right (laughs). We have the ability to be vulnerable and strong at the same time. We aren’t ashamed of our emotions and the beauty it brings. We are just naturally creators of everything beautiful…Women are just amazing.

Why are women so important?

Who else is carrying these babies? Just kidding, but seriously. Women are the back bone of society. There’s this peace about them, but also this intensity. They’re beautiful.

What is the best thing about being a woman?

My brain! I love my female brain. I can read a lot of things because as a woman I pay attention to a lot of things that guys wouldn’t even think twice about. We have the ability to think with our emotions as well as with logic. We operate a lot on instinct and honestly instinct gives us much more information than we think we need!

Why do you love women?

I love women because though we come in all different shapes, sixes, colors, flavors, and all, we are all undeniably beautiful.

Women need to know…

We, as Women, need to know that there is enough room for all of us. We can celebrate one another without feeling like we are losing some sort of value. Really. There is enough room for each one of us to be everything we want to be: beautiful, loved, valued, extraordinary.

The world needs women because…

The world needs women because the world needs beauty and nurturing and love. The world would probably be in flames without us (laughs).

What’s a misconception about women that you’d like to correct?

I think I get irritated when people teach us that our emotions are something to be ashamed of– or some sort of flaw. I hate that. There is so much beauty in our vulnerability that most men will never reach. That’s a super power.

Who is a woman that inspires you?

A woman who knows who she is, isn’t ashamed of who she was and doesn’t bend on what she stands for inspires me.

Alecia Harrison



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