We Celebrate Women With Jamiel Callaway-Pinckney

What does it mean to be a woman?

It could mean a lot of things… to be strong, to be helpful, supportive, to lead, to be a protector, nurturer, teacher… it means to be a lot things.

Why are women so important?

Because they’re the other half of the equation. You can’t have a whole without them. We need women. It’s how it was designed.

What is the best thing about being a woman (in your opinion)?

(Yeah, cuz I’m not a lady [laughter]) To know that you are appreciated and needed. It applies to so many things; a wife a mother… it could be so many other things.

Why do you love women?

Um… because they’re different from me. They bring another aspect to my world that wouldn’t be present without them.

Women need to know…

Women need to know that they’re a valuable part of the equation and just because our world and our society can depict women wrong sometimes, you need to know that you’re apart of the original creative designed that God made for men and women. We compliment one another. It’s not a competition. The world wants us to compete with one another but it’s not a competition. We’re here to work together and ultimately glorify God.

The world needs women because…

The world needs women because the world needs moms, it needs lives, it needs sisters, it needs aunts, it needs grandmothers… it needs the other half of the equation.

What’s a misconception about women that you’d like to address?

Women aren’t weak. Um… they may be the “weaker vessel” but just because they may not be as physically strong, they’re stronger in other areas that men are weak in.

Who is a woman that inspires you?

My eighth grade science teacher.


I just thought she was cool. She was smart.

-Jamiel Callaway-Pinckney



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