We Celebrate Women with Carrie Robinson

1.       What does it mean to be a woman?

To be a prism of the many facets of God – I think that we are to be able to reflect so many of His attributes at the appropriate time – strength, gentleness, kindness, righteousness, protective, beautiful, patient, and so on.

2.       Why are women so important?

Because we are the perfect opposite to men, we bring balance.

3.       What is the best thing about being a woman?


4.       Why do you love women?

Because we are all so different, yet the same – I think that we’re beautifully complicated.

5.       Women need to know…

…That even that we are strong enough to handle anything, we shouldn’t put up with everything.

6.       The world needs women because…

..Without us there would be chaos lol .

-Carrie Robinson



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