We Celebrate Women with Tiffany George

Being a woman means to be a person who is knowledgeable, confident, loving, strong and selfless.

Women are important because they are life givers!

The best thing about being a woman is knowing you are needed for life to carry on. Knowing that you are able to nurture, mold and teach those you were entrusted with.

I love women because they are amazing life coaches, they display what hard work ethic is and are great nurturers.

Women need to know that they are stronger than they could ever imagine. That they are beautiful, intelligent and needed.

The world needs women because God has given to us women the awesome privilege to conceive life, to nurture it in our womb and birth it into the world. A new life! It is a life that is not only destined for this world, but also for eternity. What joy! Oh yes, it takes sacrifice, but it is the most powerful thing that we can do as a woman and that is why we are sooo needed!

-Tiffany George

Tiffany George


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